Diana Falls Landslide Recovery (SH6 at Haast Pass)


Diana Falls Landslide Recovery (SH6 at Haast Pass)


NZ Transport Agency for lead consultant

MEM Role:

Project Manager

In the remote Haast Pass, following a severe storm event, this large landslide had closed State Highway 6. Solutions to reopen SH6 were complex and the environment was hazardous.  Over a recovery period of 15 months, a rock fall attenuator system was installed. This multi stage attenuator system was a first-of-its-kind in the southern hemisphere. The project cost $9M.

The project gained a 100% positive/balanced media result for one of the construction quarters, despite significant constraints on free traffic movement.  This outcome was unprecedented for NZTA.

MEM input

  • Developing recovery strategy.
  • Establishing the project management structure, including identifying the need for a staged process and integrated approach to manage health & safety.
  • Improving safety for workers and the travelling public through the site.
  • Instilling risk management rigour into the project, resulting in improved focus on safety and outcomes.
  • Improving team communication and interaction.