Main North Line Recovery, Kaikoura (NCTIR)


Main North Line Recovery, Kaikoura (NCTIR) 



MEM Role:

Health, Safety, Risk and Assurance Manager

This disaster recovery project involved reopening over 180km of railway line and a similar length of State Highway One, following the November 2016 Kaikoura earthquake.  MEM became involved with the recovery in February 2017, and remains involved. The total cost is forecast at over $1.3 billion, with the KiwiRail spend being over $600 million of that total. For several months there was no road access to the damaged zone; working in and around a live railway line introduces specific and significant risks for workers, as well as statutory obligations for managing health & safety.  At its peak the recovery workforce was in excess of 1,700 people.

MEM input 

  • Developing new risk management (including H&S) processes and systems. 
  • Managing risk for KiwiRail and leading the risk/H&S team.
  • Effective linking with NCTIR’s work for the physical works aspects of the recovery.